Stars including David Bowie and BILL LEGEND have signed a petition against a T-REX tribute group marketing itself as the defunct Seventies band.
The impersonating band have called themselves T-Rex, with the subtitle A Celebration of Marc and Mickey, after original T-Rex stars Marc Bolan and Mickey Finn.
And now a petition to halt the band has been signed by 500 people including former T-Rex drummer Bill Legend, rocker David Bowie, and record producer Tony Visconti, who worked with Bolan in the studio.
He says, "For a bunch of old guys to go around calling themselves T-Rex is outrageous. The only link they have to the original is through one member, Paul Fenton, a second drummer with T-Rex for a short period of time.
"This sets a dangerous precedent. What's next? When Paul MCCartney dies, will a group emerge calling themselves The Beatles?"
But the band insists they created their act in a bid to honour the Get It On hitmakers.
Manager Barry Newby says, "Mickey wanted the band to continue after his death and also have T-Rex mentioned somewhere in the title.
"This band was created to perform Bolan's great songs. We never had any intention to upset anyone. We perform, in our opinion, the most dynamic T-Rex show in the world."