David Beckham never expected to get involved in fashion.

The soccer star - who has four children with wife Victoria Beckham - is pleased he is asked to work on ventures such as Adidas Originals though he admits it is an unexpected turn in his career.

He said: "It's something I've become interested in over the last five years. My career has been solely about playing and always will be until I stop but I'm lucky enough to have sponsors like Adidas and other things I've ventured into with The Fashion side.

"It's something that had you said 10 years ago I'd be involved in the fashion side, I'd have said 'No chance' but now I enjoy it, it's something I'm passionate about, when you see the product and it's as good as it is, you get excited about it."

David works alongside designer James Bond for his Adidas originals range and not only is he incredibly proud of what they have achieved to date, he is looking forward to continuing to create "great stuff".

He added on a video posted on website hypebeast: "We've been doing it for a couple of years, me and James now, I've known him a lot longer than that and the collaboration has been so successful in the interest we've had, the sales we've had and the product. It's the best I've ever seen sportswise and lifestyle - you can train in the stuff and work out in it and go out in the evening, people love it. We've a good relationship and we're going to continue to have a great relationship but most importantly we're going to continue to bring great stuff out."