Soccer star David Beckham rates getting intimate with wife VICTORIA higher than scoring any goal on the pitch.

The REAL MADRID star, 28, has spoken about the sex life he enjoys with the former SPICE GIRL, and insists his time under the bed sheets with Victoria is far superior to any emotions he enjoys on the soccer pitch.

Beckham says, "I'm often asked whether scoring a goal is better than sex with Victoria. For me there's no contest.

"There will always be some players who feel that as soon as you are in a training camp, everything should be put into training.

"But of course sex is better and it certainly doesn't affect my game."

Victoria has also spoken openly of their "animal" sex life, saying, "When David and I don't see each other for a long time, I don't even think about sex.

"But when we're together it's a different story.

"Sex is madly important to us - David is an animal in bed."

25/02/2004 17:34