Soccer legend David Beckham's plan to bring the sport to Miami, Florida by launching a new club in the city has hit another obstacle after officials scuppered a proposed building project for the second time.

The former England international is part of a syndicate, along with American Idol creator Simon Fuller, which is attempting to start a new Major League Soccer (Mls) team in Miami.

However, the project has been stalled by opposition to building proposals in the city - earlier this year (13) the developers were denied permission to construct a stadium at the Port of Miami, and now a similar request to build on the city's waterfront has also been rejected.

In a statement, Miami Beckham United says, "We presented a strong proposal for the site suggested to us by the two mayors (of Miami and Miami-Dade county). Our package was the most equitable soccer stadium proposal that Miami, or any other city in America, has ever seen, 100 per cent privately funded without any local taxpayers' money.

"Our team will now pause and weigh alternatives. The people of Miami deserve a team and stadium that they will be proud of for decades to come."

Beckham retired from soccer in 2013 after a 20-year career.