Soccer superstar David Beckham has branded his decision to retire from the sport the "toughest" he has ever made.

The British player made the announcement in May (13) after a brief stint at French club Paris Saint-Germain (Psg), and rumours about his future continue to swirl.

Beckham has now revealed he struggled with the decision to give up the game after more than two decades on the field.

He tells Sky Sports, "The toughest decision I had to make was retiring when I have been involved in the sport I love for so many years, playing professional football for 22 years at the highest level. Making that decision, for me, was the toughest. I still question myself, of course, but I am 38 years old... I have had a pretty successful career (sic). I feel it is the right time."

Beckham recently insisted he has no plans to become a soccer coach, but reports suggested he was interesting in investing in a Florida team.