David Beckham likes to people watch to get ideas for his underwear designs.

The soccer star says he likes to sit and stare at passersby when he's thinking up new designs for his bodywear collection for H&M.

He explained in a new video for the brand: ''I think people watching inspires me because you are able to sit in the street or walk down the street and see people in different items and get ideas - not just exactly from that piece, but from the things they have on, or the design, or the shape, and I think you can get ideas and inspiration from that.''

Aside from his bodywear, the handsome star said he tends to keep his wardrobe casual.

He added: ''I love jeans, I love vintage jeans, great fitting jeans obviously, and T-shirts. I've got a lot of T-shirts, I just love to wear jeans and T-shirts with trainers, so that's kind of everything in my wardrobe really. I have a few smart suits, but most of the time it's just jeans and T-shirts.''

David also said he has been putting a lot of effort into his latest collection - which initially debuted in January last year - and wanted to add something new to his original line.

He said: ''I think it's always important when getting a new collection out, to update it enough to make sure people fell they are getting something different from the old collection. I think we've done that with this, we've been adding the green, the vine, the cream, and I think that brings a new dimension to the whole collection - and that's very special.''