David Beckham hasn't ruled out having more kids with his wife Victoria Beckham, reports the Press Association. The Beckhams already have four kids between the ages of 10 months and 13 years old, but the professional footballer and former England international claimed "If we have one or two more - two might scare Victoria but we will see."
Beckham claimed that Harper has been a wonderful additional to the family, saying "It is going to be amazing watching her grow up." He added, "With three boys there is a lot of energy in the house. They are constantly on the go from the moment they wake up to the moment they sleep. Harper is totally different. She is relaxed and feminine. Everything about her is feminine. Having a little girl still amazes me every time I change her nappy."
Beckham also discussed the possibility of returning to England, though stressed at making sure his kids were settled. "I am always tempted to come back to England but right now the kids are in school," he commented. "Now is a critical time for them," he added, before saying "There are always rumours about us moving. Right now our children are settled in America and it is not right to move from country to country and move them out of their school."