David Beckham loves breaking fashion rules.

The retired soccer superstar - who is married to fashion designer Victoria Beckham - believes when it comes to personal style it's important for people to have their ''own mind'' and not be afraid to mix-up their style.

David - who once caused a stir when he wore a sarong - also never relies on a stylist to choose his outfits.

Speaking to website Mr Porter, he said: ''Rules are made to be broken and I think I've done that over the years, in good ways and in bad ways. But I'm having fun and I wear what I like to wear: I don't get told what to wear. It's always important to have your own mind.''

Although he likes to experiment with his clothes, the 40-year-old star - who models for Belstaff and has appeared in Armani underwear campaigns - appreciates the beauty of a well-tailored English suit.

He said: ''(In England) you're brought up on 'this is how a gentleman should dress.' If you're lucky enough to be able to afford it, you can go to Savile Row and have a suit made, or you can go and see how people dress. We're brought up around that. I think we're lucky to have that.''

Despite his style icon status, David's passion for clothes wasn't passed down through his family.

Asked where his fashion acumen came from, he revealed: ''I actually don't know. My dad definitely wasn't into style. He was dressed all right, but he was never into fashion, even though he was a mod back in the day. I was a pageboy when I was really young, and I had a choice of whether to choose a suit or knickerbockers - and I chose knickerbockers.''