David Beckham gets wife Victoria to approve his fragrances.

The soccer star unveiled his latest scent, Homme, in Beverly Hills on Monday (26.09.11) and admitted it is important his spouse likes what he has created before it goes into production.

He told WWD: "I'm going to be wearing it a lot, so she needs to like it."

Homme is David's seventh fragrance but he insists there isn't one that he prefers over The Others.

He said: "I love all of them. There's not one that obviously I like more than the other one. Every time that we bring out a new fragrance, I don't try to better the last one. I just try to make it different, and we've done that with this. This is something that's fresh, that's modern, but very masculine."

Earlier this month, David appeared on the 'Ellen Degeneres Show' and played a prank on customers at a Target store where he made them smell the fragrance on his leg.

At the launch this week, he jokingly insisted it was the best place to smell the scent.

He said: "It does smell better on your leg. I guarantee it. There's a few places I put it. The neck's the best one."