British soccer superstar David Beckham allegedly made love to his mistress in the same bed he shares with singer wife VICTORIA.

The REAL MADRID star, 28, found making love to his former personal assistant Rebecca Loos in his marital bed "a turn-on" and loved the "thrill" of the affair, reports British tabloid the NEWS OF THE WORLD.

Loos says, "He later told one of his friends what a turn-on it was having sex in the bed he'd slept in with Posh. He loved the thrill of being caught. What happened between me and David was more than just sex.

"He needed a woman to be with him and to help him through a difficult, lonely spell in his life."

The midfield ace was alone during the months after he moved to play soccer in Madrid, Spain, as former SPICE GIRL Victoria spent time in New York concentrating on her music career.

Loos adds, "His wife was thousands of miles away all the time and was no support to him at all. I am sure our affair would never have got off the ground if she had been by his side.

"But when it did I started falling in love with him."

The 26-year-old beauty admits to feeling pangs of guilt one morning following a night of love-making - after using one of Victoria's hair-clips.

She says, "I shouldn't have done that. I knew it was wrong but by then I had started falling for David."

11/04/2004 14:24