Having offered up his sizable sixpence on human evolution and the Chinese ‘one child’ policy, seminal voice of a generation David Attenborough has moved on to the high wages at the BBC. He, of course, is paid in woodlice and posh tea.

"It doesn't require me to say that it is a huge embarrassment that salaries of that size are being paid in a public service organisation," he said, according to The Guardian. He is talking of the latest scandal to hit the tax-funded corporation, wear by £60m was paid to outgoing executives over an eight-year period.

“The BBC is in my view one of the most important strands in the cultural life of this country … and it is going through a bad patch. I just hope that it will emerge from the bad patch with the standards that made it great still there," he continued.

The legendary broadcaster, who has enjoyed a monumental six decades in the profession, has been rather outspoken of late. He was quoted as saying the human race has ceased to evolve due to it’s own sociological and anthropological advancements, and that the controversial family planning laws in China aren’t that farfetched.

According to him, the BBC trust "doesn't appear to have worked very well as far as one can see. The executive can't be allowed to go without any checks and balances, that's perfectly proper, but the check and balance we have got at the moment seems to have got out of kilter." He states his wage when he was made BBC's director of programmes in 1969 was “£15,000 a year”

David AttenboroughDavid Attenborough sporting a classic green Oxford shirt