Sir David Attenborough knows how to tweet his nature-loving fans. His latest venture is a short show on Radio Four called Tweet of The Day. Each episode will last a minute and a half, and focus on a particular birdsong, with information on the breed.

Sir David said: "I'm delighted to be involved in this series. I've seen some of the most incredible animals on my travels around the world, but Tweet Of The Day is a nice reminder of the teeming world of birds on my doorstep. As a non-ornithologist, I might even learn a little too." The show, which is by the BBC's Natural History Unit, will use 265 different recordings of birds' song. And you can bet your savings that Attenborough knows them all. Radio 4 controller Gwyneth Williams said: "I'm thrilled to have birds flying into the early morning schedule on Radio 4. David Attenborough, of course, will rule the roost as we introduce hundreds of British birds to our early listening and online audiences. And Radio 4's digital archive will be their permanent nesting site."

David AttenboroughIt's okay - Sir David won't actually be doing the birdsong noises

Even though a 1m30s show on Radio 4 is somewhat niche, Attenborough is the name to draw the listeners. His nature shows on the BBC have been some of the channels most successful programming. Most recently, his Africa series provided the BBC with some of their best viewing figures, rivalling their drama segments.