David Attenborough has gone on a biting rant again the current state of celebrity culture in Britain today, admitting that as far as he is concerned, the world has changed and not for the better.

Speaking to press after his Best Documentary win at the National Television Awards last week, Attenborough bemoaned the current state of television and the seemingly endless reel of talentless nobodies that are thrust into the the limelight after achieving next to nothing. “Celebrities? God help us,” Sir David said, “I don’t feel like a celebrity. The word has changed."

The national treasure went on further, saying: “A celebrity these days means someone famous for having done nothing at all. Famous for being famous. I think it is rather sad. We don’t have complex relationships any more and it’s easier to look at lives on screen than be interested in your own.”

Whilst his own shows are regularly sought after, the rest of television, as far as he is concerned, is an endless trail of dribble that he has absolutely no time for. But who are the main offenders of the current dumbed-down state of television? “There are far too many cookery programmes, I mean, who watches two hours of cookery programmes every night?”

At 86, Sir David is still a fire cracker, and as active as ever, being unable to collect his NTA award due to filming commitments (he is currently filming in China) and indicated that although he may be old, he has no plans of slowing down any time soon. His full interview is available in The Mirror.