David Arquette has decorated his nightclub with naked pictures of his mother.

The 40-year-old actor has covered the walls of his new Hollywood venue Bootsy Bellows with raunchy pictures of his late pin-up m0m Brenda, including some risque bondage-themed shots.

David told The Sun newspaper: ''People are like, 'Dude, your mom is naked all over your club.'

''It was the '60s and New York. Later she went on to become a marriage and family counselor. This is a way of honoring her youth.''

The Sunset Strip venue is already a favorite with the likes of Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson and Lindsay Lohan, but 'Scream' actor David confessed he is nervous about showing his eight-year-old daughter Coco the nightclub.

He said: ''I don't know what I'm going to do when I walk my daughter through there - I'll have to cover it up.''

David - who has filed for divorce from his wife Courteney Cox two years after they split - recently revealed he had named the club Bootsy Bellows in her honor after her burlesque alias.

He joked about finding a racy lingerie picture of his glamour model mother when he was younger, saying: ''I'm like, 'But you're naked!' She was like, 'The human body is beautiful.'

''So we opened this club, called Bootsy Bellows, and its singing and dancing and puppets. Because I'm a weirdo and I love puppets.''