Oren Little is a wealthy realtor well-known for his abhorrent personality and generally poisonous attitude towards anyone who disagrees with or annoys him. Having spent a career lying and cheating his way through lucrative housing deals, he's just about ready to retire - but, unfortunately for him, a quiet lapse into old age is not what awaits him. When his estranged son arrives on his doorstep with his young daughter, Oren is horrified that he has now been charged with taking care of her. He attempts to get his neighbour Leah to take her in, but he soon begins to realise that there's a lot more love in his heart than he, or anybody, had ever thought. As well as finally opening his arms to his granddaughter, he is even starting to feel for Leah - though, being so used to offending people, even his attempts to be nice don't turn out right.

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