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And So It Goes Trailer

Oren Little is a wealthy realtor well-known for his abhorrent personality and generally poisonous attitude towards anyone who disagrees with or annoys him. Having spent a career lying and cheating his way through lucrative housing deals, he's just about ready to retire - but, unfortunately for him, a quiet lapse into old age is not what awaits him. When his estranged son arrives on his doorstep with his young daughter, Oren is horrified that he has now been charged with taking care of her. He attempts to get his neighbour Leah to take her in, but he soon begins to realise that there's a lot more love in his heart than he, or anybody, had ever thought. As well as finally opening his arms to his granddaughter, he is even starting to feel for Leah - though, being so used to offending people, even his attempts to be nice don't turn out right.

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Opening Night After Party Celebration For The Public Theater Broadway Production Of 'The Merchant Of Venice' Held At Espace.

David Aaron Baker, Celebration and The Merchant Of Venice Sunday 7th November 2010 Opening night after party celebration for The Public Theater Broadway production of 'The Merchant of Venice' held at Espace. New York City, USA

David Aaron Baker, Celebration and The Merchant Of Venice

Edge Of Darkness Review

Based on the 1985 BBC TV series, also directed by Campbell, this dramatic thriller tries to pack so much into two hours that it ends up feeling thin and repetitive. But it's great to have Gibson back on screen.

Veteran Boston cop Thomas (Gibson) is trying to rebuild his relationship with his scientist daughter Emma (Novakovic) when she's viciously gunned down.

Everyone suspects Thomas was the real target, but his investigation leads him into a conspiracy involving her job with a monolithic defence contractor run by the shady Bennett (Huston). Then he meets government clean-up expert Jedburgh (Winstone) and starts to realise the extent of what's gong on. Can he blow the whistle before they rub him out too?

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The Hoax Review

Everybody loves a good con artist, a guy who can bluff his way into or out of anything. He's isn't violent, not a gangster, but a smooth-talking charmer whose poker face doesn't flinch no matter how dangerous or delicate the situation gets. Lasse Hallström's latest, The Hoax, offers a portrait of such a con artist, a real-life fabulist who makes James Frey (the disgraced "non-fiction" writer behind 2003's A Million Little Pieces) and his shenanigans look like chump change.

Richard Gere, perfectly cast, plays Clifford Irving, a down-and-out writer who in 1971 wrote (and nearly got published) a fake biography of Howard Hughes. Desperate to jump-start his career, Irving duped his editor Andrea Tate (Hope Davis) and the top dogs at McGraw-Hill into believing he was not only a friend of Hughes, the notorious recluse, but that the billionaire had tapped Irving to write his life story. Smelling a publishing sensation, McGraw-Hill offered Irving a then-record publishing deal, and the writer suddenly found himself the crown prince of the publishing world.

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Kissing Jessica Stein Review

Filled with situational comedic anecdotes revolving around the currently popular quandary of same-sex romances (a la Jeffrey, Trick, and Go Fish), Kissing Jessica Stein is a trite and conventional 90 minutes of fluff imbued with sappy lessons about faith and following one's dreams.

In the latest iteration of the gay romantic comedy genre, Kissing Jessica Stein explores the world of bisexuality and centers on the various topics of telling your Jewish mother that you enjoy the taste of women and how to mix three shades of lipstick properly to the land the perfect girl.

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The Tao Of Steve Review

The word "Tao" has many meanings, one of which is, "The art or skill of doing something in harmony with the essential nature of the thing."

The Tao of Steve is a story is about a guy named Dex (Donal Logue), an unlikely hero living in Santa Fe who has grafted this ancient Chinese philosophy with the super-cool personalities of guys like Steve McQueen, Steve McGarret, and Steve Austin (though not "Stone Cold"). This mutation of philosophies has become a foolproof theory on dating that Dex and his buddies refer to as "The Tao of Steve". In other words, it's the art of scoring with women while being in harmony with the essential nature of all things cool.

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Melinda & Melinda Review

Woody Allen hit upon a plucky, imaginative concept for "Melinda andMelinda": The same story, of a woman at loose ends, imagined as bothcomedy and tragedy by two playwrights (Wallace Shawn and Larry Pine) arguingin a Manhattan cafe whether life is inherently funny or inherently sad.

While these bookend scenes are uncharacteristically clunkyand deliberate, full of exposition designed to set the fictional stage,the two parallel stories are pure Woody Allen at his ironic, neurotic,romantic, poignant and peculiar best -- and they're deftly woven togetherto compliment and play off each other.

The underappreciated Radha Mitchell (she played wives in"FindingNeverland," "PhoneBooth" and "Manon Fire") may now get the recognition shedeserves with her remarkable performances in the dual title role as a flighty,suicidal beauty who arrives in each story by crashing a dinner party.

One Melinda is a new downstairs neighbor who knocks onthe Upper East Side door of wannabe filmmaker Amanda Peet (who flirts withrich men hoping they'll fund her independent movie "The CastrationSonata") and her husband, neurotic out-of-work actor Will Ferrell(the picture's requisite Woody surrogate, although with unpredicted nuanceFerrell makes the role his own). Pratfalling into the dining room, Melindaannounces she's just taken two dozen sleeping pills. The comical chaosthat ensues leads to friendships, infidelities and unrequited love, allorbiting around Melinda -- although she's largely unaware of the upheavalshe's wrought.

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David Aaron Baker

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