Rocker Dave Grohl hopes his Sound City documentary has a lasting legacy by inspiring a new generation of musicians.

The former Nirvana star turned movie director to make the film about the California music studio where the band recorded its landmark album Nevermind.

Grohl, who debuted the movie at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah this month (Jan13), now admits he wants the project to encourage aspiring young musicians to start playing professionally.

He tells the Bbc, "I wanted everyone in the film to inspire others. I don't want kids to be confused and think you have to go to college to study music. You can just go into an old guitar shop, buy the biggest piece of junk and then write a beautiful song and become the biggest band in the world. These things can happen. That's ultimately what I wanted from Sound City - to inspire the next generation."

The Foo Fighters frontman also hopes young kids don't grow up thinking the only way to be a successful musician is to enter a Tv talent show such as American Idol or The X Factor.

He adds, "I think those shows are awesome, as anything showing off music is great. But the only thing is, I want my six-year-old daughter to understand that music isn't a contest. I don't want her to walk up to someone and for her to sing a song and for them to say: 'That's not good enough.' I would never say that to her. I would say: 'That's killer. Do it again. Write another one.'"