Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl suffered an "emotional breakdown" during a show in London in 2008 and his baffled bandmates watched in horror as the rocker froze mid-song in a state of "freaked out" stage fright.
The former Nirvana star took to the stage at the U.K. capital's Wembley Stadium to perform two sold-out concerts, each for a crowd of 85,000.
The shows were the biggest the band has ever played and Grohl admits he began feeling anxious about them six months beforehand.
The rocker's nerves got the better of him onstage when a massive bout of stage fright hit and he stopped singing in the middle of a song as drummer Taylor Hawkins looked on bewildered.
Grohl tells Britain's The Sun, "That was an honest, freaked out emotional breakdown. Taylor and I play off each other live and at that point he wasn't sure what was going on - which shows by his look of total confusion. But I'd been terrified every night for six months before those shows. I mean, 85,000 f**king people... We'll never get used to playing stadiums."