Review of Smoke & Mirrors Album by Datsuns

The Datsuns
Smoke & Mirrors
Album Review

Datsuns Smoke & Mirrors Album

Antipodeans delight, the boys from down under have done it again! Proving that they are bigger and better than Flight Of The Concorde's, their third offering 'Smoke & Mirrors' is a rock and roll standard, following all the necessary ingredients of heady lyrics, swirling overlaid riffs, southern style slide and hedonistic propensities.

After falling off the rails somewhat with 'Outta Sight/Outta Mind', it's back to pure adrenaline racing 3 minute catchy tunes. However, there is a more considered amount of production resulting is better all round output and probably their most developed recording to date.

"Who Are You Stomping Your Foot For?" would sit comfortably in a drinking competition with "Motherfucker From Hell" and "System Overload", shows the bands progression with Electonica stamped all over it.

The man with one of the coolest names in Rock history (Bassist and Singer Dolf De Borst), can belt out a tune and is ably assisted on "All Aboard", a cleverly constructed Southern Rock hymn, complete with Gospel singing and slide guitar. They even whip out the faithful choir again for "Too Little Fire" and also throw in some Hammond from Christian Livingstone for extra measure on what is the albums longest track.

All in all, it's a faultless third album and one that will no doubt enjoy a greater amount of longevity than either of the previous because of it's diversity and production.

Hook after hook, watch as your foot taps into overdrive. Dust off your air guitar and pour yourself a JD. You know you're even going to put on your tightest jeans whilst listening to it. I know I did, but what am I going to do about my TV I threw out of my window?


Elliott Bambrough