Daryl Hannah was surprised when 'Blade Runner' was not an instant success.

The 49-year-old actress, who played the role of Pris in the 1982 science fiction movie, admits the lack of reception upon its official release was not what she expected because she was such a fan of the finished project.

She said: "I definitely knew it was special when I was making it. I didn't know that it would be enduring, in fact when it came out nobody really went to go see it and it kind of disappeared pretty fast. It only started having its popularity much later.

"It really wasn't that appreciated when it first came out which actually took me by surprise because I thought it was the greatest, I loved it, I thought it was fantastic. It was kind of a late bloomer."

Discussing any chance of a reprisal of her 'Kill Bill' character Elle Driver in a third inception of the Quentin Tarantino movie franchise, Daryl admitted she may return.

She told website Digital Spy: "There is a chance I could be involved."