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System Of A Down Perform At The Ziggo Dome

Daron Malakian and System Of A Down - American hard rock band System of a Down (SOAD) perform at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam - Amsterdam, Netherlands - Friday 17th April 2015

Daron Malakian and System Of A Down
Daron Malakian and System Of A Down
Daron Malakian and System Of A Down

Scars Scrap North American Tour

System Of A Down Scars On Broadway Daron Malakian

System Of A Down spin-off group Scars On Broadway have scrapped their first North American tour because frontman Daron Malakian isn't in the mood to hit the road.

The rocker and bandmate John Dolmayan have released a statement to rock news website Blabbermouth.net, confirming they'll be playing no dates, as scheduled, and they've scrapped a TV performance on 14 October (08).

The statement reads: "Scars on Broadway's North American tour, scheduled to begin October 19, as well as their October 14 performance on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', have been cancelled.

"Late last week, Malakian concluded that his heart wasn't into touring at this time, so he made the decision to cancel all scheduled performances. There are no plans to reschedule."

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Scars Scrap Norway Show

System Of A Down Scars On Broadway Daron Malakian

System Of A Down spin-off band Scars On Broadway scrapped a show in Norway on Tuesday (09Sep08) to allow singer Daron Malakian to recover from a throat infection.

Malakian and SOAD drummer John Dolmayan were scheduled to perform at the Rockefeller Music Hall in Oslo, Norway but had to pull the show at the last minute.

In a Norwegian radio interview, Dolmayan says, "Daron's voice is almost completely gone. We had the choice to cancel the show tonight rather than face the possibility of having to cancel the rest of the tour."

As WENN went to press it wasn't known when Malakian would be well enough to perform again. Scars On Broadway are scheduled to perform in Berlin, Germany on Thursday (11Sep08).

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System Of A Down Stars Plays Train Station Gig

System Of A Down Daron Malakian

System Of A Down bandmates JOHN DOLMAYAN and Daron Malakian debuted material from their new band SCARS ON BROADWAY in Los Angeles' famous Union Station on Monday night (28Jul08).

The duo and their new bandmates hit the stage at midnight in the landmark's north wing.

It was only the band's ninth show since they debuted at Los Angeles' Whisky A-Go-Go venue in April (08).

System Hiatus Blamed On 'Creative Differences'

System Of A Down Daron Malakian

System Of A Down's guitarist Daron Malakian denies a rift within the band prompted them to take a break - insisting "creative differences" were behind the group's current hiatus.

The Chop Suey! rocker has hit out at speculation the band needed time away from each other due to personal conflicts, telling fans all the group's members wished to concentrate on side projects.

He tells British music magazine Kerrang, "You know how people separate because of 'creative differences'? I'd say System was more like that than any kind of hatred. The differences were respected instead of resented.

"I knew Serj (Tankian - lead vocals) had certain things he wanted to do, things he couldn't do in System. I had a whole thing I wanted to do that I probably couldn't have done in System."

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Malakian: 'System Of A Down Will Never Reform'

System Of A Down Daron Malakian MTV

Former System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian has warned optimistic fans the band will never reunite.
The group took a break in 2006 to focus on other projects - frontman Serj Tankian went on to pursue a solo career and Malakian formed a new band with his former drummer John Dolmayan.
And Malakian insists his new band Scars On Broadway is the only project he will be working on in the foreseeable future.
He tells MTV.com, "There's no talk of System doing anything. We're not planning on doing anything. If anyone's holding their breath for a System record, they're going to turn blue and pass out. It's a long ways away, if it ever even happens. We don't even talk about it - none of us. This (Scars on Broadway) is my band right now."

Malakian: 'I'm Proud Of My Anti-war Stance'

System Of A Down Daron Malakian

System Of A Down rocker Daron Malakian is proud his band spoke out against the war in Iraq because so few others had the courage to do the same.
The guitarist was personally affected by the war - members of his family were living in Iraq at the time of the US invasion - so he felt compelled to oppose the war publicly.
He says, "I don't know if people know but a lot of my family live in Iraq. So I've spent a lot of time trying to get people out. Some people I've got out and some people I haven't.
"So for me war is more of a reality than it is for most people. But at the same time I can't help feeling, yeah, a certain amount of pride that we stood up there and said what we did. Lots of band are speaking out against the Iraq situation now, but back then there weren't so many of them.
"We kind of felt on our own up there. A lot of people weren't as courageous as we were, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel proud about that."

System Of A Down Future Uncertain

System Of A Down Daron Malakian

American rockers System Of A Down insist they are not splitting up - but admit the band has an uncertain musical future.
JOHN DOLMAYAN, Daron Malakian, SERJ TANKIAN and SHAVO ODADJIAN announced their hiatus from the band earlier this year (06) to work on separate projects.
And frontman Tankian believes the break was long overdue.
He says, "I've wanted to make my solo record for years, but I just haven't had the time. For the last 11 years we've all been wedded to this band, and now we want to take a break.
"I honestly don't know if System Of A Down are over or no. Maybe in a few years we'll want to make another album.
"It's impossible to tell right now. It'll be later down the line that we'll be able to tell what might happen."

System Star Malakian Plans New Band

Daron Malakian Scars On Broadway RZA

Workaholic SYSTEM OF A DOWN star Daron Malakian is already making plans to form his own band when the group starts a planned hiatus after headlining the Ozzfest tour. Malakian is in the process of forming and writing songs for Scars On Broadway and aims to debut his new act next year (07). Malakian says, "I'm still kind of getting the whole band together at this point. After I get back home from Ozzfest that's pretty much what I'll be focusing on. "There's a few different directions I want to take, whether it be a little bit more ethnic or sometimes electronic." System Of A Down bass player SHAVO ODADJIAN, who is also working on a side project with rapper RZA, is expected to be part of Malakian's new band.

System Of A Down Take A Hiatus

System Of A Down Daron Malakian MTV

Rockers System Of A Down are taking a lengthy hiatus following their headlining slot on this summer's (06) Ozzfest tour of the US. Guitarist Daron Malakian has confirmed the break will probably last a few years, but insists fans can rest assured the band are not splitting up. He tells MTV, "We're not breaking up. If that was the case, we wouldn't be doing this Ozzfest. "We're going to take a very long break after Ozzfest and do our own things. We've done System for over 10 years, and I think it's healthy for us to get away from it for a while and come back to it later on. So, this is probably going to be... well, it's not a farewell tour, but it's going to be a little while before we go out again." He adds, "I'll always be a member of System Of A Down. That will never change. There's no rule that says you have to make records constantly, like clockwork, to continue being who you are. "We want to live our lives."

Malakian Amazed By Fbi Investigation Reports

System Of A Down Daron Malakian

System Of A Down guitarist Daron Malakian is bemused by reports the band are under investigation by the FBI and CIA - as he insists they have no intention of being "dangerous".

The Armenian American rockers were rumoured to be considered a liability by US authorities, not only because of their Middle Eastern roots, but also thanks to their anti-government stance on their chart-topping album TOXICITY.

But leather-clad Malakian is keen to point out they merely want to make a difference to society.

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Daron Malakian

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