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War Horse Gallops To No. 1 On Dvd Chart

19th April 2012

Walt Disney's War Horse came from behind in its second week to top the DVD sales charts last week after placing second in its first week on the Nielsen VideoScan First Alert chart. However, The...

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Devil Dies On Sunday

10th January 2012

Several of the weekend's top films didn't do quite so well as studios had estimated on Sunday, but they did far better than industry analysts had forecast on Friday -- especially the No. 1 film,...

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2012 Kicks Off Year In Fine Style

4th January 2012

The 2012 box office got off to a nice start over the holiday weekend, but then so did the 2011 box office -- and things went mostly downhill after that. In fact, the first weekend...

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Solid Start For 2012 Box Office -- Like 2011

2nd January 2012

The box office rang in the new just about the way it rang in the old -- sounding more like Big Ben than like Tinkerbell, its model for most of the past five months. With...

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A Feast Of Plenty At The Box Office

23rd December 2011

There have been scattered releases throughout the week of the some half-dozen films that are opening over the Christmas holiday -- but two films aren't opening until Christmas Day itself, the 3D horror/sci-fi film The...

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Lotsa Movies This Weekend, But Which One Will Win?

22nd December 2011

The major Hollywood studios are mobilizing a huge marketing campaign for the Hollywood weekend, ordinarily one of the biggest of the year for the box office. With Avatar making its debut two years ago, the...

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Emile Hirsch: 'Moscow Is Like The Wild West'

2nd December 2011

Emile Hirsch felt Moscow was like "the wild west" while shooting 'The Darkest Hour'. The 'Milk' actor portrays a leading role in the alien invasion movie - set in the Russian capital - and he...

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Emile Hirsch Joins Motel Life

26th January 2011

Emile Hirsch has signed up to appear in 'The Motel Life'. The 'Milk' actor will play a leading role in the Alan and Gabriel Polsky-produced project about two brothers who flee from a hotel room...

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Darkest Hour Star's Wife Pregnant

20th August 2007

DARKEST HOUR rocker KRIS NORRIS is celebrating after learning his wife is pregnant with the couple's first child. The American heavy metal guitarist admits he's looking forward to scaring fellow parents with his unkempt appearance...

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