Dappy is in court this week having been charged for two counts of assault and one of affray. Yesterday it was reported that there was DNA evidence that placed him at the scene with his saliva on the tshirt of one of the victims. However, today one of the witnesses has been accused of saying that she will just 'bullsh*t during questioning, and plans to sell her story to get rich. Ultimately this rocks the basis of the prosecution so Dappy's fate now seems more secure.

According to the Sun, the police had examined the phones of the witnesses which included a number of BBM messages between the witness, 19 year old Serena Burton, and her friends. Burton received a message saying: ""OMG definitely sell the story ha ha ha, that's so good. Just say what happened, you are good at talking so you will be fine, ha ha ha." And replies with: "Ha ha ha, I do not even remember, to be fair, but I will bullsh*t."

To another friend Burton said: "Going to sell my story to all the magazines and get rich." Apparently, another message to another witness in the trial, Grace Cochran, said: "Didn't they say we can do what we can after the trial is over... So let's literally ring Heat and stuff and sell our story."

Burton claims that her mobile conversations are not to be taken seriously, but her claim of 'bullsh*tting certainly rocks any evidence that she may give.

Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos (cousin of Tulisa Contostavlos), was involved in the brawl after allegedly spitting at two girls. One man lost numerous teeth and another had his nose broken in the altercation.

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