N-Dubz star Dappy is said to be "recovering" after being thrown from his horse and stamped on the face this week. The singer/rapper was hospitalised following the incident near his home in Hertfordshire, which took place on Wednesday, 27 November, and is currently recovering at home.

Dappy is well on the way to recovery

A spokesperson for Dappy confirmed to The Mirror soon after the incident that the 'No Regrets' hit-maker had been injured and sent to hospital after falling from a horse, adding that he spent a night in hospital for observation. The spokesperson added that Dappy is "recovering well" and should make a full recovery, going on to describe the incident as it unfolded.

“Dappy sees himself as a bit of a Lord of the Manor and he was cantering around when the horse reared up suddenly," the source went on to say. “He was left sprawled on the ground, and to make matters even worse, the horse then stamped on his face. There was blood everywhere.”

A controversial figure for both his personal behaviour and professional output, the incident has come with its fair share of scorn. An online petition has emerged on Change.org insisting that the horse be awarded an 'Outstanding Contribution to Music' award at next years BRIT Awards as recognition for putting the N-Dubz star in hospital. The petition argues that the horse "has performed a public service and should be recognised" and has so far amassed over 2,000 signatures. It aims on reaching a million signatures before being sent off to the BRITs committee.

Dappy court
Police troubles have marred Dappy's year

He probably isn't too pleased with some of the responses, but at least Dappy seems to have forgiven the horse that attacked him. He uploaded a picture of himself in a Christmas-themed onesie posing next to the offending horse on to his Twitter after returning home from the hospital, along with the caption, "This is the Biaaaatch that Bust me open!"

Ok, maybe he hasn't forgiven it just yet.

Dappy court1
The singer hasn't received too much sympathy for his fall