Dappy from N-Dubz has been charged with affray and both common assault and assault by battery, after a brawl occurred at a Surrey fuel station. He has been in court over the past two days having plead not guilty. 

The brawl began when Dappy allegedly spat at two girls. What ensued left one man losing a number of teeth, and another with a broken nose, the Daily Mail reports. Apparently, the rapper had been hitting on a couple of 18 year old girls but they rejected him, which lead to Dappy spitting at them, and then when that missed, spitting at a man named David Jenkins who then got Dappy in a headlock, before the minor star's entourage showed up. 

Prosecutor Brian Stalk narrated events, saying "[Dappy] called the girls 'slags'. He described one of them as 'ugly'. And then as a result of one of the girls calling him 'boring', he [spat at them]... Dappy's friends might have been concerned that their friend was in a head lock but the reaction was 'completely over the top and mob-handed." 

Dappy defended himself saying: "Someone put me aggressively into a head lock and then my security turned up to get him off of me and that was it. I was put straight into a car after that."

Today the court heard the DNA evidence, which matched saliva on a tshirt to Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos: "We estimated the probability of getting this DNA profile from another person who was unrelated to Mr Contostavlos as one in a billion."