N-Dubz star Dappy, real name Costadinos Contostavlos, was lucky to escape with his life after a run-in with a man armed with a cup made entirely out of plastic (!) and possible filled more than halfway. The incident, that happened in Hereford nightclub Play on Friday 29 March, involved a man allegedly throwing the plastic cup at the 'No Regrets' singer, who responded by lashing out at the man from the stage using his microphone and fists.

Dappy, seen here leaving his recent court case, may find himself in front of a judge again soon if his unstable behaviour continues

A video of the incident has emerged but it only captures Dappy's response to the cup-wielding man, which looks a little more excessive than your everyday response to someone who may have thrown a plastic cup at you. Still, Dappy insists his actions were only used as a means of self defence and he was unaware that the cup was made from plastic, rather than glass, as he has since said, "I swung to disarm the glass from his hand. If that glass had hit me it could have been fatal."

Dan Guerche, manager of the venue, has also spoken on the incident and seemingly taken Dappy's corner. His version of events reveals that "A customer lunged through security towards Dappy with a plastic glass in his hand. Dappy, fearing for his safety, pushed the male away to remove the glass from his hand and caught the male on the head."

The violent run-in comes only weeks after Dappy was spared prison time after becoming involved in a brawl at a petrol station last year. The singer escaped a maximum sentence of three years and escaped with a paltry six-month suspended prison sentence instead.