Picture - Daphne Rubin-Vega and Celebration New York City, USA, Thursday 6th January 2011

Daphne Rubin-Vega and Celebration Thursday 6th January 2011 Cast party and celebration for the New Group's World Premiere production of 'Blood from a Stone' held at 404 party space New York City, USA




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opening night of the new broadway play hand to god 070415
third annual say all-star bowling benefit - arrival 130115
opening night of king lear - arrivals 060814
opening night of csc production of romeo and juliet 171013
the 5th annual blossom ball 110313
daphne rubin-vega yul vazquez rosie perez labyrinth
daphne rubin-vega labyrinth theater company celebri
daphne rubin-vega rosie perez labyrinth theater com
daphne rubin-vega yul vazquez rosie perez s epatha
daphne rubin-vega alysia reiner maddie corman and d
daphne rubin-vega attending the all star bowling ev
daphne rubin-vega poses with the our time kids atte
nicole ari parker and daphne rubin-vega broadway op
nicole ari parker wood harris daphne rubin-vega and
daphne rubin-vega wearing vintage broadway opening
daphne rubin-vega broadway opening night of a stree
daphne rubin-vega and blair underwood broadway open
daphne rubin-vega and blair underwood broadway open
daphne rubin-vega blair underwood and nicole ari pa
rosa evangelina count stovall matthew saldivar amel
amelia campbell daphne rubin-vega blair underwood e

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