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Rock The Kasbah Trailer

Sometimes, life can really take a turn when you least expect it. For one man, things about to go completely off the rails. Richie Lanz (Bill Murray) has been a tour manager for some of the greatest rock bands of all time, and his latest project is about to stir up something special. After becoming the tour manager for a young woman (Zooey Deschanel), he informs her that they are putting on a show in Afghanistan. Terrified, she runs away after they arrive, taking Lanz' wallet and passport with her. Now, stuck in Afghanistan, Lanz is forced to do what he can to find a way home, while doing what he can to enjoy the rocking lifestyle he has come to know and love along the way.

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Aloha - Teaser Trailer

Things have been tough for Brian (Bradley Cooper). Having been fired from the US Air Force for his cockiness, he lost his girlfriend Tracy (Rachel McAdams) by a chain of events he doesn't fully understand himself. But when he is recalled back into service by a boss that has a soft spot for him, Brian discovers that his life has to get an awful lot more complicated before it can get simpler. Tasked with overseeing the launch of a weapons satellite from Hawaii, Brian is put in charge of training Allison (Emma Stone) to be both a good pilot, and a valuable member of the air force. But as he begins to reconnect with Tracy, Allison begins to fall for him, leading to Brian having to truly figure out once and for all, just what it is that he wants.  

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Danny McBride arrives at Los Angeles International Airport

Danny McBride - Actor Danny McBride arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Los Angeles, California, United States - Thursday 29th January 2015

Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride

Don Verdean - Clip

With the potential to earn a quick bit of cash here and there, Don Verdean (Sam Rockwell) turned to the life of a "Biblical archaeologist", uncovering and selling works of art and pieces of Biblical history. As he starts to fabricate and lie his way through his 'adventures', Verdean acquires the help of a church that announce their intentions to bankroll his expeditions and help him do whatever he wants to in his quest to find and return The Holy Grail. With the potential of being found out and exposed, Verdean is forced to think inwardly about what is truly most important to him.

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Danny McBride departs from Los Angeles International Airport

Shots of American actor and comedian, Danny McBride as he left Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 26th January 2015

Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride

2014 Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards - Arrivals

Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Jill Newell - 2014 Texas Film Hall of Fame Awards held at Austin Studios - Arrivals - Austin, Texas, United States - Thursday 6th March 2014

Danny McBride
Danny McBride, David Gordon Green and Jill Newell

As I Lay Dying Review


James Franco makes his directing debut with this ambitious adaptation of William Faulkner's notoriously downbeat novel. No surprise: it's extremely grim! It's also a bit too cleverly shot and edited to tell the tale from each character's perspective, which means there's no central point to draw us in emotionally.

The story takes place in rural Mississippi in the early 20th century, where the Bundren family have surrounded Addie (Grant) on her deathbed. Her children are all nearby: daughter Dewey Dell (O'Reilly) stays by her side, Cash (Parrack) saws timber for her coffin, Jewel (Marshall-Green) rides his precious horse to clear his mind, and Darl (Franco) tries to keep everyone happy, including youngest brother Vard (Permenter). But their dad Anse (Nelson) has promised to bury Addie in Jefferson, a three-day journey away. And as they painstakingly make their way across the countryside, each of them has a personal issue to deal with along the way.

All of the characters get a chance to narrate part of the film, which lets us see their inner thoughts and dreams and understand the secrets they are hiding from each other. Along with Franco's use of split screens to show scenes from multiple angles, this essentially makes us all-seeing witnesses to the story, unable to dive in and engage with the raw emotions that are churning around everyone. The film is beautifully shot and acted with real soulfulness, but it also feels eerily dispassionate about these fragile people.

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Lindsay Lohan Impresses 'Eastbound And Down' Cast First Post-Rehab Role

Lindsay Lohan Danny McBride

Lindsay Lohan has filmed a cameo role for the US comedy show, Eastbound and Down, and her performance impressed the cast and crew. Her cameo was met with a standing ovation from the gathered crew members. According to reports in E!, the actress has landed a guest starring role for the final series of the show. 

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan at the L.A. premiere of Scary Movie V.

The 27-year-old actress spent the week in North Carolina, filming for the comedy show. Lohan has been working with the star of the show Danny McBride, who plays former -and broke- professional baseball player Kevin Powers.  She is reported as playing a daughter of one of the main characters, the rest of the cast wore make-up to make them appear older. 

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'Eastbound And Down' Is Really, Really Good. Now It Has Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay Lohan Ben Affleck Danny McBride

Wow. Just this week we were reporting on Lindsay Lohan receiving a little visit from Oscar winner Ben Affleck and musing on whether it would possibly prompt a career turnaround. Well, it looks like it may have.

According to sources speaking to TMZ.com, Lindsay has signed on to play the adult version of Kenny Power's illegitimate daughter on the HBO finale of 'Eastbound and Down.'

The thing is: this isn't conjecture - she's on set in North Carolina right now!

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Danny McBride Rushed To Hospital Whilst Filming Rollerblading Scene For New 'Eastbound & Down'

Danny McBride James Franco Craig Robinson

Comedy actor Danny McBride has been rushed to hospital in North Carolina after suffering a roller blading accident whilst filming on the set of his cult HBO series Eastbound & Down. The This Is The End star lost his balance and took a tumble while shooting a roller blades and was taken to a local medical centre after complaining of a persistent and unbearable pain.

Danny McBride
McBride was rushed to hospital after his fall

The 36 year old actor - who plays badboy baseball pitcher Kenny Powers in the HBO comedy series - has since been discharged from the NC hospital after being given a precautionary check-up by doctors. He told TMZ after his discharge from the hospital; "I busted my a** on roller skates. The roller skates won."

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This Is the End Review


Comedies don't get much more self-referential than this film, in which a bunch of old friends get together and play themselves facing a biblical-style apocalypse. But they also don't get much funnier. Writing partners Rogen and Goldberg (Superbad, Pineapple Express) move into directing with this super-charged bromance that finds surprising resonance amid a constant barrage of vulgarity, in-jokes and end-of-the-world mayhem.

Rogen also stars as himself, happy that his childhood friend Jay is coming to visit him in Los Angeles. Jay prefers to live at home in Canada, far from the plastic L.A. scene, so Seth sets aside the first day with video games and lots of weed. Then they head to James' house for a starry Hollywood party, during which a series of massive earthquakes kills off most of the A-list guests. Seth, Jay and James survive, along with Jonah, Craig and Danny, and as they set up camp in James' mansion, their friendships are strained. Mainly because Danny eats their supply of food, Jay wants to go home, and Jonah is simply too nice to be believed. Until he's possessed by an angry demon.

The blinding array of cameos gives the film's early scenes a terrific kick, as big stars hilariously spoof their public personas before meeting a variety of fiery ends. An especially spiky Watson gets a few extra scenes of her own, while Cera has the most fun as a diva obsessed with sex and drugs. And Tatum gets the most jaw-dropping moment. But it's our six heroes who hold the film together, and their camaraderie adds a surprising warmth, most notably in the central bromance between Rogen and Baruchel.

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You Should See 'This Is The End' And Here's Why

Seth Rogen James Franco Jonah Hill Craig Robinson Danny McBride

We’ve all wanted to see This Is Then End ever since the very first trailer hit the airwaves, but now it looks like a ticket to the screening of the apocalyptic party movie might be more worth it than we thought. Oh, you thought you were getting a simple-minded comedy with celebrities acting like idiots? Well, it is that too, don’t worry, but surprisingly, This Is The End also takes its place as a skewering satire of celebrity culture – part of a definite trend lately.

While, yes, there are more famous faces in the film than at a Vanity Fair Oscars afterparty, what makes this film isn’t the mere presence of so many stars. Instead, the appeal is in the way the hyperbolized versions of famous actors interact with each other. Penned by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen (who also doubles as a member of the apocalypse squad in the movie,) this film sees both writers on top of their game. At the beginning of their career, the creative team set the bar pretty high with the hilarious nerdy romp Superbad. Unfortunately, they then failed to repeat the act with films like Pineapple Express.

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James Franco 'This Is The End' Mural

Danny McBride - James Franco, an assistant and photographer Anna Kooris have hand painted a mural on Melrose Avenue to advertise Franco's new movie 'This is the end' which is due to be released on June 12th, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Tuesday 4th June 2013

Los Angeles premiere of This Is The End

Danny McBride - Los Angeles premiere of 'This Is The End' held at the Regency Village Theatre - CA, United States - Tuesday 4th June 2013

Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride
Danny McBride

James Franco Takes On Faulkner In 'As I Lay Dying' [Trailer & Pictures]

James Franco William Faulkner Danny McBride Ahna O'Reilly

Jim Parrack & James Franco in As I Lay DyingJim Parrack & James Franco in As I Lay Dying

As I Lay Dying, written, directed and starring James Franco, is aiming to become the first American movie to win the Un Certain Regard award at the Cannes Film Festival since 2008's Tyson documentary. Franco's movie is adapted from William Faulkner's classic American novel of the same name and stars the Oscar nominee as a son's quest to bury the body of his mother in accordance with her wishes.

Watch the As I Lay Dying Trailer!

Though the trailer hints at Franco's penchant for the avant-garde, it looks far more of a straight narrative affair then, say, Interior. Leather Bar. Franco plays the second oldest child Darl, while Tim Blake Nelson appears to do a sublime job of portraying father Anse. Danny McBride plays friend of the family Vernon Tull while Ahna O'Reilly - who's making a buzz with the Weinstein's Fruitvale - plays daughter Dewey Dell. The movie has a reasonable chance of scooping for 30,000 euro prize at Cannes, though it's safe to assume festival favorite Sofia Coppola is the frontrunner with hipster tale The Bling Ring - still, it would be a long-awaited American success. 

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