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OK, I have a great idea.As I am sure that these celebrities, Hanna, Glover, Baez etc. seem to feel that anyone can squat on someone elses land to farm whatever they wish, we need to rent a few tractor, get some seeds and tear up the front lawns of thier multi million dollar homes to allow anyone to come and grow the flowers or vegetables of thier liking.It is ridiculous that these out of work hacks can spend thier idol time sitting in trees to protest such a useless cause. If they are bored, let them spend time in the inner city helping to stamp out crime or use thier immence star power to aid truly useful causes. How is it that they are so passionate to this silly cause but could not dig into thier deep, deep bank accounts to buy this land themselves. I feel they are simply looking to get thier faces on the screen to help bolster thier sagging careers.Get a life folks. Just worry about the three months it takes to make 10 million on a schlep movie and buy a puppy if your that bored. It always seems as though the Music and Movie/TV personalities show up for the camera ops but dont seem to come through for the "little people" when it is needed most.Id like to have seen even one of them on the business end of a shovel after Katrina.

Posted 9 years 8 months ago by davidkgauthier

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