Danny Dyer wants to wash Nicola Roberts because she looks "grubby".

The 'Dead Man Running' actor has revealed he has a soft spot for the "ghetto" Girls Aloud singer - but would never want to date her.

She said: "Nicola, the little ginger one. She looks like a proper little ghetto bird, and I love that because I'm a ghetto nut myself. She looks a bit grubby and that. I quite like that.

"She needs a f***ing good scrub, that girl. I'd like to give her a nice scrub. That's it though, I'd just scrub her and then f**k her off."

As well as wanting to exfoliate the 24-year-old singer, Danny actor - who has two children with girlfriend Joanne Mas - has also revealed he has a crush on a number of older actresses.

He explained: "I love an old bird. They're great, old women. I find them weirdly attractive. I quite like Stephanie Beacham. Helen Mirren as well, chuck her in the mix. That'd be a right f***ing foursome. Helen Mirren, Gloria Hunniford, Stephanie Beacham and me. Love it!"

Danny stars in the film 'Dead Man Running', which is released on DVD on March 1.