British actor Danny Dyer is hoping his stint in hit U.K. soap opera Eastenders will help revive the dying London dialect of rhyming slang.

The London-born star is proud of his roots and the traditional local language of east London boroughs, and he is dismayed the colourful Cockney rhyming slang is gradually fading from everyday life.

He has recently accepted a role in EastEnders, which is set in the U.K. capital, and can't wait to start using traditional slang on set instead of the modern-day colloquialisms that currently dominate the script.

Dyer tells British newspaper The Sun, "I'm trying to get as much Cockney into the show as I can... I think EastEnders has been missing that and I'm a true East Londoner. I call a car a 'haddock' - a 'haddock and bloater' is a motor. Cockney slang is dying out and I think it's important we put it in the show. All this (modern British slang such as) 'reem' (great) and 'wel jel' (jealous) is f**king irritating because they say it in a Cockney accent. Let's get back to the old school."