Actor Danny Dyer decided to accept a role in longrunning British soap opera Eastenders over fears his career had become a joke following a string of film flops.

The Business star will join the beloved show at Christmas (13) after spending several years snubbing offers from Bbc bosses to become a member of the cast.

Now he reveals his floundering film career pushed him to take the leap to the small screen, and he hopes he can turn his fortunes around like his idol Sir Michael Caine.

Dyer tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Back in the Eighties, Michael was known for making terrible films and now he's been knighted. I can hope!

"I did too many people favours (accepting film roles). I realised, 'F**king hell, I'm becoming a bit of a joke here.' I'm my own worst enemy. I don't blame anyone but myself."

Dyer's most recent big screen release, Run for Your Wife, which also features Ray Winstone and Girls Aloud singer Sarah Harding, was deemed a massive failure after it earned just $963 (£602) from U.K. ticket sales in February (13).