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Danny Boyle (born 20.10.1956)
Danny Boyle is an Oscar-winning British film director. He launched his career with the film Trainspotting, an adaptation of an Irvine Welsh novel and in 2009, won the Best Director Academy Award for his work on Slumdog Millionaire.

Childhood: Danny Boyle was born in Radcliffe, Lancashire and his family was Irish Catholic. At the age of 14, Boyle asked to transfer from his regular school to a seminary but it has been reported that his priest warned him against joining the priesthood.

When he had completed his education at Thornleigh Salesian College in Bolton, Danny Boyle attended Bangor University, where he dated the actress Frances Barber.

Theatrical Career: Danny Boyle started working in the theatre with the Joint Stock Theatre Company. He later worked as Artistic Director for the Royal Court Theatre from 1982-5, progressing to the role of Deputy Director from 1985-7. Among his notable productions throughout his time at Royal Court were versions of Saved by Edward Bond and The Genius by Howard Brenton. Danny Boyle has also directed a number of productions for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Television Career: Danny Boyle started working in television in 1980 in Northern Ireland. He landed a job producing TV films such as Alan Clarke's Elephant. He later became a director on shows such as Not Even God Is Wise Enough, Inspector Morse and Mr. Wroe's Virgins.

In 2001, Danny Boyle took a break from film-making to direct two TV movies, Vacuuming Completely Nude In Paradise and Strumpet.

Film Career: Danny Boyle's feature film debut came in 1994 with Shallow Grave. The film starred Ewan McGregor, Keith Allen and Christopher Ecclestone and became a cult success. This was followed by the hugely successful Trainspotting, released in 1996. The film starred Ewan McGregor, Ewan Bremner and Kelly McDonald and, helped by a soundtrack featuring Iggy Pop, Blur and Primal Scream, became a global hit.

Spurred on by the success of the film, Boyle sought a studio deal in Hollywood. He turned down an offer to direct the fourth film in the Alien series and instead opted to make the film A Life Less Ordinary - starring Cameron Diaz - with British funding.

Returning to novel adaptations, Boyle filmed a version of The Beach by Alex Garland, starring Leonardo DiCaprio. The film was a moderate success, though the production team were heavily criticised for allegedly altering the natural landscape of the filming location, Ko Phi Phi Leh in Thailand.

Garland and Boyle went on to work together again, this time on the horror film 28 Days Later. The film starred Cillian Murphy and Naomie Harris and spawned a sequel, 28 Weeks Later, though Boyle did not direct the follow-up.

In 2004, Danny Boyle directed Millions.

In 2007, Sunshine was released and marked another of Boyle's adaptations of an Alex Garland novel. The film was directed by Danny Boyle and starred Cillian Murphy, Rose Byrne and Cliff Curtis.

2008 saw Boyle direct Slumdog Millionaire, which earned him his first Oscar. The film is set in Mumbai and focuses on a central character, played by Dev Patel who competes in the Indian version of Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?

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Ewan McGregor Confirms 'Trainspotting' Sequel Will Begin Filming In May

Ewan McGregor Danny Boyle Robert Carlyle Irvine Welsh

Ewan McGregor has confirmed that he long-awaited sequel to Trainspotting is set to begin filming at the end of May. The sequel comes 20 years after the original cult classic film and a decade after Irvine Welsh wrote his follow up novel Porno.

Ewan McGregorEwan McGregor will begin filming the Trainspotting sequel at the end of May.

Speaking to Collider, McGregor said: “It’s been 10 years since Irvine Welsh wrote the sequel novel, Porno, so it’s been a long time, a lot of speculation. For me, too! 10 years ago, I didn’t want to do it; I wasn’t ready to do it. Also, there was no script.”

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Danny Boyle Lands Career Achievement Award

Danny Boyle Aaron Sorkin

The Slumdog Millionaire moviemaker was presented with the Artios Career Achievement Award by the film's screenwriter Aaron Sorkin at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles for his contribution to film and collaborations with casting directors.

Ahead of the ceremony, Richard Hicks, president of the Casting Society of America, said, "What's most impressive with this year's list of honorees is the sheer scope of their contributions to the entertainment industry. Across film, television and theater, they've shown us that a career full of quality work is possible, with their deep understanding and commitment to the craft of casting."

Casting directors for The Big Short, Straight Outta Compton, Room, Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and Inside Out were among winners at the two ceremonies, which took place simultaneously in Los Angeles and New York.

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Danny Boyle: 'Ridley Scott Makes Tough Space Movies Look So Easy'

Danny Boyle Ridley Scott

Scott insisted he had no problems shooting the Mars-based movie once he started filming, because the script was so good, prompting Steve Jobs director Boyle to protest, because he'll never make another space film after tackling Sunshine in 2007.

Boyle interrupted his peer and stated, "It's weird making space movies, because you are in the footsteps of the people who have been there before, principally him (Scott)... It was so tough.

"When the film came out and I did all the publicity, I remember having this schtick, where I said, 'I've looked at it and no director who has ever been in space ever goes back to space, unless he's got to do a sequel' - and then he's defied it of course by making The Martian, and then he sits there and says it wasn't a problem at all!"

Celebrities At BBC Radio 2

Danny Boyle - Danny Boyle pictured arriving at the BBC Radio 2 studios at BBC Western House - London, United Kingdom - Friday 11th December 2015

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle

Robert Carlyle Says 'Trainspotting 2' Script Is The Best He's Ever Read

Robert Carlyle Danny Boyle Ewan McGregor Ewen Bremner

Trainspotting was one of the most iconic films of the nineties, as its tale of heroin addicts in Edinburgh caught the imagination of audiences around the world, and the announcement of its eventual sequel, some two decades after the original, has been one of the biggest movie news items of the year.

Robert Carlyle, one of the stars of the 1996 original who is returning to reprise his role as the psychotic Francis Begbie, has been speaking to NME about how much he’s looking forward to reuniting with director Danny Boyle and the rest of the cast – Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner and Jonny Lee Miller - when filming starts next year.

The 54 year old actor, who launched his career on the back of the original, described John Hodge’s script, which is only “very loosely based” on Irvine Welsh’s sequel novel ‘Porno’, as “one of the best scripts” he’s ever seen.

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Spotlight, The Revenant And Steve Jobs Among Oscars 2016 Predictions

Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences Jennifer Lawrence Leonardo Dicaprio Danny Boyle Saoirse Ronan

The odds are on for the predictions of the 88th Academy Award nominations, and it seems to be all about the biopics with four topping the odds for the Best Picture category and the same ones taking over the Best Director category.

There's been plenty of great movies this year but only five can be selected for a Best Picture nomination. Whilst there was unending hype for such flicks as 'Inside Out', 'Mad Max: Fury Road', 'Spectre' and 'The Hateful Eight', they fail to make the top five when it comes to the betting odds.

SpotlightSpotlight is the top favourite for Best Picture

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Steve Jobs Review


Sidestepping arguments about accuracy, writer Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle take an artistic, impressionistic approach to this biopic about the iconic Apple founder. Using a structure that would work perfectly on stage, the film tells his story through just three extended scenes. In the process, it reveals even more about human nature than it does about Steve Jobs or the tech business.

The first segment is set in 1984, as Steve (Michael Fassbender) is about to launch the game-changing Macintosh computer with cofounder Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen), marketing expert Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet) and developer Andy Hertsfeld (Michael Stuhlbarg). As he organises the launch event to within an inch of its life, he's interrupted by his ex-girlfriend Chrisann (Katherine Waterston), but Steve still refuses to accept that her 5-year-old daughter is his. He also has an important conversation with the Apple chairman John Sculley (Jeff Daniels) just before going on-stage. This same scenario is repeated two more times, at the 1988 launch of NeXT and at the 1998 launch of the iMac, tracing Steve's fierce business acumen, complex interaction with his colleagues, and his evolving connection with his daughter.

Fassbender bravely never hedges his bets as Jobs, finding a tricky balance in an innovator who changed the world but never quite made sense of his personal or professional relationships. This is a man who is likeable and cruel at the same time, eliciting both laughter and gasps of horror from the audience. Fassbender's kinetic energy is hugely engaging, matched cleverly by Winslet's Hoffman, the only person with whom Jobs speaks about his own flaws. With both Rogen's generous Wozniak and Stuhlbarg's determined Hertzfeld, Jobs is much more dismissive, although there's respect under the surface. And its the literate banter with Daniels' thoughtful Sculley that gives the film its brainy kick, especially as it's so inventively written and directed to weave conversations right into flashbacks.

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Universal Drops 'Steve Jobs' Film From Over 2,000 Cinemas

Michael Fassbender Danny Boyle

Studio Universal is dropping Danny Boyle’s Steve Jobs biopic from over 2,000 cinemas due to low ticket sales. The film, which stars Michael Fassbender as the Apple founder, as well as Seth Rogen and Kate Winslet, only grossed $16.7 million in the US in its first five weeks of release, just over half of its $30 million production cost.

Michael Fassbender as Steve JobsMichael Fassbender stars as the Apple founder in Steve Jobs.

The film only opened on wide release two weeks ago, but it was available to watch in a select number of cinemas three weeks prior. During the initial screenings the film managed to gross half a million in just four cinemas, becoming the year's highest-grossing limited release.

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WSJ. Magazine 2015 Innovator Awards - Arrivals

Danny Boyle - WSJ. Magazine 2015 Innovator Awards at the Museum of Modern Art - Arrivals - New York, New York, United States - Wednesday 4th November 2015

Danny Boyle

Nicole Kidman And Benedict Cumberbatch Perform In Charity Show

Nicole Kidman Benedict Cumberbatch Danny Boyle

The two actors took to the stage at the Royal Court Theatre in the British capital for the director's The Children's Monologues show, raising money for Dramatic Need, a charity which provides arts education to vulnerable children in South Africa and Rwanda.

They performed monologues about life in an African township, and other stars who took part included Josh Hartnett and X-Men actor James MCAvoy.

There were also performances from stars of hit fantasy TV show Game of Thrones, including Kit Harington, Rose Leslie and Alfie Allen, as well as Harry Potter castmember David Thewlis.

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Kate Winslet's Family Joy

Kate Winslet Danny Boyle

Kate Winslet is at her happiest when she's with her family.

The 40-year-old star - who has children Mia, 14, Joe, 11, and 22-month-old Bear - has revealed she feels at her most content when she's in the company of her loved ones.

Kate said: ''I'm happiest when I'm with my little family and we all wake up in the morning and everyone piles into bed and climbs on top of each other and someone has the great idea of 'Oh, let's put on a cartoon' and [her husband Ned Rocknroll] says 'Let's make some coffee'. Those moments are when I'm so happy.''

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Aaron Sorkin's Conscience Is Clear Over Steve Jobs Movie

Aaron Sorkin Steve Jobs Danny Boyle

Aaron Sorkin's ''conscience is clear'' over the 'Steve Jobs' script.

The 54-year-old screenwriter wrote the new Danny Boyle-directed movie, which has attracted criticism for its factual inaccuracies, but Aaron is comfortable with his portrayal of the Apple co-founder.

He said: ''Steve Jobs did not, as far as I know, have confrontations with the same six people 40 minutes before every product launch.

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BFI LFF - 'Steve Jobs' - Premiere And Closing Gala

Danny Boyle - BFI London Film Festival - 'Steve Jobs' - Premiere and Closing Gala - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 18th October 2015

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle

BFI London Film Festival - 'Steve Jobs' - Gala Screening

Danny Boyle - BFI London Film Festival - 'Steve Jobs' - Gala Screening - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 18th October 2015

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle

BFI London Film Festival Closing Night Premiere Of 'Steve Jobs'

Danny Boyle - BFI London Film Festival Closing Night Premiere of 'Steve Jobs' - Arrivals at Odeon Leicester Square - London, United Kingdom - Sunday 18th October 2015

Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle

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Danny Boyle

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20th October, 1956







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Sidestepping arguments about accuracy, writer Aaron Sorkin and director Danny Boyle take an artistic, impressionistic...

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