THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY star Danny Bonaduce is recovering after a crazed fan bit him during a meet-and-greet in Washington on Friday (28Sep12).

The actor was hosting an event at a local casino when a woman approached him and asked to give him a kiss.

He tells local publication The News Tribune of Tacoma, "She said, 'I loved you on The Partridge Family. Can I kiss you?'"

But when Bonaduce agreed, she sunk her teeth into his cheek for several seconds until security officials were able to pry her off him.

And the actor admits he was terrified during the attack, adding, "I could feel things popping."

The woman was taken into custody and the following morning (29Sep12) cops stopped by the 53 year old's hotel room to photograph his wound for their official police report.

Bonaduce does not plan on pressing charges, however, his wife Amy reveals her husband is on antibiotics to stave off a possible infection.