Former PARTRIDGE FAMILY star Danny Bonaduce is to wed his manager girlfriend - less than six months after divorcing his wife of 16 years.
The actor's marriage to ex-wife Gretchen was finalised in November (08), but the split hasn't put Bonaduce off the idea of marriage - he's now planning to exchange vows with Amy Railsback, who, at 26, is 23 years his junior.
The 49 year old proposed to Railsback on 12 March (09) with a diamond and ruby-studded sterling silver skull and crossbones ring, reports
His wife-to-be says, "He wears that pirate jewellery. He normally wears, like, $12 rings, but this is the real thing. He promises to get me a grown up engagement ring and wedding (ring) when we get married. This one is a Danny version for now."
Railsback reveals it's not the first time Bonaduce has tried to make her his wife: "He proposed a whole bunch of times over the last couple of years, but, you know, it's never quite official until you have a ring on your finger."
The bride-to-be is keen to have an intimate ceremony, but has no idea when that will be: "I'd want a smaller ceremony and I'd invite my closest family friends, and of course his family and siblings. Maybe 12 people, tops."