Former PARTRIDGE FAMILY star Danny Bonaduce has launched a stinging attack on Hollywood's party girls, claiming they all seem to be racing to see who can become the most damaged. The red-headed US actor has himself battled drug abuse problems, which were chronicled in hit reality TV show BREAKING BONADUCE, and he has targeted Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie in a new rant about their wild ways. Just days after Richie confessed to taking Vicodin and smoking marijuana to cops who pulled her over after she was spotted driving the wrong way on a Burbank, California freeway, Bonaduce fears Richie could be the first of the twentysomething celebrity party girls to die. He says, "I have a picture in my head of (singer) Lionel Richie (Nicole's father) sitting down at the piano playing at his daughter's funeral." And tough-talking Bonaduce admits he's sick of Lohan and Richie's childish take on drug use. The reforming cocaine addict says, "They're not trying to hide it; it's like they're trying to promote it. "I don't think Nicole Richie and Lindsay Lohan have a disease; I think they have a goal to have a disease."