When 23.11.2012

'Do The Right Thing' star Danny Aiello is caught up with by paparazzi as he leaves a Beverly Hills restaurant with a friend. He is seen posing for a photo before chatting to photographers about his new movie 'Reach Me', gluten-free food and 'Family Guy'.

He tells photographers that he doesn't usually come to California because he lives in New York and doesn't like flying. 'We're doing a little movie here called 'Reach Me' that's why I'm out', he said. He then mentions that he loves the restaurant he just left because they feed him 'gluten free food' as he can't consume gluten. He is also asked if he is familiar with the animated comedy show 'Family Guy' which famously mentioned the star in a questionable scene. 'I think they said something about my penis', he laughed. He is then shown a clip from the show and, although visibly amused, isn't as impressed as he makes out. 'It's a joke that I would find totally unacceptable', he said. 'As a matter of fact, if I was there and caught the guy who wrote it I probably would've knocked him on his ass.' Watch out Seth MacFarlane!


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