Dannii Minogue's son helped cure her heartbreak.

The 40-year-old star - who split from 23-month-old Ethan's dad Kris Smith in April - says the youngster made her appreciate how lucky and ''blessed'' she was when she was at her lowest point after her break-up.

She told Australia's InStyle magazine: ''Life has been full of certainties and surprises but, even with The Changes, I know I am incredibly lucky, and wake up each day feeling blessed with my beautiful baby boy there.

''When I tuck him into bed, I'll hear this little voice yell out, 'I love you more!''

Despite his young age, Dannii - who is rumoured to be close to reconciling with Kris - thinks Ethan is already showing the signs of following in the footsteps of herself and singing sister Kylie Minogue.

She said: ''He knows if he says something with particular timing he can make you laugh, melt or whatever. I guess that's the Minogue performer inside him!''

Former 'x factor' judge Dannii reportedly reunited with Kris recently after they realised how much they hated being apart.

An insider said last week: ''They both realised how much they missed one another. Neither of them could admit it was 100 per cent over - they just couldn't let go.

''They both love Ethan, and having to act as single parents was breaking their hearts.''