Daniella Westbrook has revealed that she is scared for her life after claiming that she is being followed by a stalker.

“I'm both shocked and scared about how much control this stalker/hacker has on my private emails and social media,” the recent ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ contestant told MailOnline on Wednesday (October 5th). “I'm scared that they might come after my kids or me.”

Last month, during a short recovery in hospital after having contracted septicaemia, Westbrook first claimed that a stalker was “absolutely trying to ruin my life”, and that the person had gotten hold of her social media accounts.

Danniella WestbrookDanniella Westbrook claims a stalker has hacked her social media accounts

This revelation comes less than a day after the former ‘EastEnders’ actress, 42, admitted that she has relapsed and started using cocaine again after having abstained from the drug for more than a decade.

“I really need help. I'm relapsing so bad,” she said the day before to the same publication.

She had also posted the following message to her fans on Instagram: “My number one piece of advice I would give to the younger generation is Dont do drugs!!!” However, it’s not clear whether this post was the work of the alleged hacker or Westbrook herself.

Having been open about her drug abuse in the past, Westbrook revealed to a number of media outlets yesterday that she was using cocaine again. She told the Daily Star Online: “I have relapsed and I'm trying to stop using, but it's a long road ahead. I feel broken and that I'm back to square one and my first form of defence is cocaine.”

At the start of 2016, she appeared in the 17th series of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’, and was said to have pocketed around £200,000 for her part in the reality TV favourite. However, it also came out yesterday that the money had gone – and that her re-use of drugs was partly responsible.

Later, she told The Mirror: “Yes, I am broke, alone and back on drugs. My friends are right to worry. I am a loose cannon. I spend every penny I have on being the ultimate party girl. I feel like it's still the ‘90s.”

An unnamed source close to her had told the same publication earlier: “She looks very rough and is back on drugs. Her friends are incredibly worried about her at the moment.”

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