Daniel von Bargen is currently struggling in hospital following a truly grim episode in which the former 'Seinfeld' actor tried to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. Tmz somehow managed to pick up a tape of the grizzly phone conversation had between Von Bargen and 911 after the gun shot failed to kill him. The actor reportedly tells them "I've shot myself in the head ... and I need help."
The conversation goes on with the operator asking Von Bargen if the shot was an accident, to which he replies "I was supposed to go to the hospital and I didn't want to," adding that, due to his diabetes, "They were supposed to amputate at least a few toes." Chillingly he then explained that he'd aimed the shot at his temple; police officers were immediately dispatched to the scene and Von Bargen is now fighting for his life in an Ohio hospital. Owing to his diabetes the star's already had one leg amputated and it's thought that he couldn't bare the thought of having more surgery.
As Mr. Kruger, Von Bargen was one of the most popular characters on 'Seinfeld' during the show's nine season run. He's also well known for his role in 'Malcolm In The Middle' as Commandant Edwin Spangler.