The Sundance Film Festival has become a staple date in the film year's diary. It exhibits the best of the upcoming offerings to the genre for the year ahead and is committed to pushing and promoting the most exciting and boundary pushing movies that we are encouraged to catch in the coming year. They rarely make bad choices, and these are the movies that are potentially some of the best for the 2013 festival.

Kill Your Darlings
This movie is not eye opening in terms of cast (it stars Daniel Radcliffe) but has first time director John Krokidas at the helm. Most excitingly though, it's all about Allen Ginsberg. Anyone that has ever read Allen Ginsberg probably loves him. Kill Your Darlings is all about how Ginsberg meets the three men who become the other literary heavyweights of his era (Lucien Carr, William Burroughs and Jack Kerouac), the group that formed the beat generation. Not only is it an exploration of literary boundaries and how to cross them, but of love, companionship and sexuality... Definitely one to watch.

What They Don't Talk About When They Talk About Love
It has a long title, but it's just bound to be beautiful. Mouly Surya is the directorial drive behind an unusual film that centres on the capacities and capabilities of love alongside disability. Set in a school in Indonesia "[w]ith gentle humor, playfulness, and heightened realism, [the film] draws out the poetry in its characters, highlighting the magic in their lives and respecting who they are." Surya has won an award for Best Directing at the Jakarta International Film Festival for her first feature Fiski, so her skill has already been shown, What They Don't Talk ABout... will prove it.

Mark Albiston and Louis Sutherland have been movie-making partners for a long time and have already garnered a lot of positive critical attention for their previous work, including winning the Jury Prize in International Short Filmmaking at Sundance back in 2010. Shopping is another New Zealand based movie, set in and era and place of delicate racial tension. Centred around 'Willie' a half-Samoan teen, the film sees him struggle to care for his younger brother while constantly walking in fear on eggshells around his unpredictable father. In a chance meeting with a man named Bennie, Willie sinks into community of criminals. Ultimately, however, this is a movie about "brotherly love in a harsh world."