The former Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe takes on a very different role from the young wizard, in his latest movie Kill Your Darlings. In the movie, which is making a showing at the Sundance Festival in Utah, Radcliffe plays the role of the famous beat poet Allen Ginsberg and had to tackle his first gay love scenes, in a story which sees Ginsberg’s idol Lucien Carr murder David Kammerer.

Through the course of the movie Radcliffe’s character comes to embrace his own homosexuality. The movie’s director, John Krokidas revealed that he gave Radcliffe a few pointers, when it came to making the love scenes convincing and believable. Talking at the Sundance Festival, Krokidas told Associated Press “Radcliffe simply asked, 'John, you're gay. How does this work?'" Krokidas said. "I'm not kidding. And so perhaps there was a little dry run-through — oh, she's going to kill me — with me and the director of photography Reed Morano.”

Radcliffe is keen that his Harry Potter fame should feed into Kill Your Darlings and thinks it’s great that people who may not otherwise have watched such a movie, will be drawn to it by his celebrity. “I don't care why people come and see films,” said Radcliffe. “If they come and see a film about the beat poets because they saw me in Harry Potter, fantastic. That's a wonderful thing. I feel like I have an opportunity to capitalize on 'Potter' by doing work that might not otherwise get attention. If I can help get a film like this attention, that's without doubt, that's a great thing." 

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