Daniel Radcliffe caused chaos making his latest film after screaming kids mobbed the set in New York.
The British actor was shooting scenes for new drama Kill Your Darlings directly opposite a school, and insists the production turned into a "nightmare" when a group of students ran over to see the Harry Potter star in action.
He tells Ideastap.com, "I was filming in New York a couple of weeks back, and the shoot was opposite an elementary school. It was a nightmare. The kids would come out every recess, see us and go absolutely mental."
And Radcliffe admits he was overwhelmed with relief when the excited youngsters agreed to keep quiet.
He adds, "On our first take, our first assistant director who, to them, is just some guy with a radio, turned round and said, 'OK everyone, we're going for a take. Be quiet,' and 30 kids between the ages of four and 11 completely shut up to watch the scene. You could have heard a pin drop, and I thought to myself, 'You wouldn't go quiet to watch a bloke sell a house.'"