Daniel Radcliffe writes ''terrible'' poetry for his girlfriends.

The 25-year-old actor - who is dating 'Kill Your Darlings' co-star Erin Darke - claims the greatest gift he has been given is not being told the harsh truth about his verses.

Asked the best present he has given a girl, he said: ''Some of my terrible poetry. [What's the best present a girl has given me?] Not telling me my poetry was terrible.''

The 'What If' actor also admitted he likes girls who make him laugh, but doesn't like women who say ''stupid'' things.

In a rapid-fire 73-question video interview for Vogue, he said: ''[I like] someone who makes me laugh. [What's a turn off?] Someone who says stupid things.''

Daniel - who shot to fame in the 'Harry Potter' movie franchise - also confessed to having his butt waxed for a role.

Asked the strangest thing he has done for his career, he said: ''Waxed my a**e''.

And the British actor admitted to being crippled with nerves when he saw Al Pacino shortly before a performance at the Tony awards.

He recalled: ''At the Tony awards one year, I was dancing there and just before I started I saw Al Pacino staring at me from the audience and I nearly lost my mind.''

Among the other revelations Daniel made in the interview was the fact he lets his parents choose his clothes.

Asked if he wears things bought by his family, he said: ''Yes they have better taste than me.''

He also confessed to wanting a cameo role in 'South Park', wearing boxer shorts, loving New York because he can ''order pancakes at any time of the day or night'' and that his spirit animal is a ''wolf with a crossbow.''

Closing the interview, Daniel was asked a secret only he would know about Harry Potter.

He joked: ''He really didn't need glasses. That was just a fashion statement.''