Daniel Radcliffe wants to get tattoos once his ''naked'' scenes have stopped.

The 'Harry Potter' star has head to bare all during performances in the likes of 'Horns' and 'Kill Your Darlings' - which featured a gay sex scene - and revealed he would like to get some ink once his roles begin show less flesh.

Asked if he has any tattoos yet, he said: ''No. I've got to get a sustained series of jobs where I don't have to get naked But I haven't hit one of them yet, for some reason.

''There was that first few years of my career when I was just doing 'Potter' where there wasn't a huge amount of nudity.

''But since then it's been almost every job. Recently I had my gay sex scene in 'Kill Your Darlings', a skinny-dipping scene in 'The F Word' and a straight sex scene in 'Horns'. It's just been a year of it.''

Once he does go through a spell of retaining his modesty on-screen, Daniel is keen to get tattoos over his upper body - and plans to get a lyric by indie band British Sea Power.

He told The Observer newspaper: ''Yes. 'Bravery Already Exists'. I want to get a tattoo on my forearm, something on my chest and maybe something on my back.

''There's various quotes I love. It sounds pretentious but there's something about the [Samuel] Beckett quote: 'Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.''