Daniel Radcliffe wants to be a Bond villain.

The 23-year-old actor doesn't think he has the charm to play James Bond - a fictional, suave British Secret Service agent, currently embodied by Daniel Craig - but would try his hand at playing one of his nemeses instead.

He said: ''I would make a much better villain than Bond - I am not nearly strapping enough to play Bond.''

Daniel also thinks he'll never make a movie hero like vest wearing John McClane from the 'Die Hard' franchise, played by Bruce Willis.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''I am never going to be cast to play a Bruce Willis character in a 'Die Hard'.''

Daniel - best known for his role as a wizard schoolboy Harry Potter, in the film adaptations of J. K. Rowling's novels - is keen to put the bespectacled schoolboy behind him as he is ''too old'' to play him.

Daniel has also said he'd like a supporting role in the new film in the 'Star Wars' series.

He explained: ''Franchise mustn't become a dirty word. If directors like Jj Abrams and Joss Whedon keep doing what they're doing, it won't be. I'd love to be part of one again. Maybe not leading it, a nice supporting role. 'Star Wars' would be awesome. That'd be crazy cool.''