Daniel Radcliffe's parents have banned him from having tattoos.

The 24-year-old actor is a massive fan of body art and would love to have a quote by his favourite playwright Samuel Beckett etched across his body, but he thinks his mum and dad would be angry if they found out.

He is quoted by the Daily Star newspaper as saying: ''I want the line from Beckett - 'Try, fail, try again and fail better' - either on my arm or chest. Although I shouldn't really talk about tattoos in case my mum and dad hear about it.''

The 'Woman in Black' star also claimed he is no longer fazed by 'Harry Potter' fans approaching him in public because he's accepted his high level of fame.

He explained: ''I don't get nearly as annoyed as some of my friends do. All my friends think it's rude but I don't think twice about it. There will always be people with 'Harry Potter' books to sign and I have accepted that.''

The actor previously admitted tattoos are ''really, really cool'', but he doesn't think much of Harry Styles' multitude of random inkings, which include a ship, a giant butterfly and a pair of matching branches on his hips.

When the One Direction singer's tattoos were described to him, Daniel joked: ''Like prison tattoos? Isn't that what you have when you've done five years?''