Daniel Radcliffe has well and truly shed his Harry Potter image now. If there was any doubt that the one-time child star had fully moved on from the set of films that made him a worldwide name, then it will be extinguished by these new images of a new darker and, dare we say it, eviller Radcliffe.

That's right, the man who once signified all that was good and pure about the fictional wizarding community in the Harry Potter films is turning into Satan himself, as these new pictures show. However, Radcliffe hasn't really aligned himself with the dark side, he's just in costume for a forthcoming role in the film Horns - which is disappointingly not about a group of heavy metal fans. Dressed up as his character Ignatius 'Ig' Perrish, Radcliffe looks like he's gone a few days without sleep, giving him a sadistic glare. More striking though is the fact that he has two horns growing out of his head wear his, well, nothing should be.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Perrish is accused of the violent rape and murder of his girlfriend and, one morning, wakes up to find these rather inconvenient signifiers of the devil growing out of his mop. Irritating. Less irritating for him is the fact that he also learns that he can induce people to tell the truth or compel them to give into their worst desires. Every cloud eh.