Daniel Radcliffe is certainly spooking cinemagoers with his new movie 'The Woman in Black', but the Harry Potter star has recalled a particularly chilling encounter with his girlfriend Rosie Coker's parents.
The actor recently took Rosie's parents out to lunch, without his girlfriend being present, and had a nervy experience. According to the UK's Sun newspaper, Daniel tells Graham Norton on tonight's instalment of his chat show, "It was a uniquely nerve-wracking experience. She wasn't there. It was lovely but at the end of it I did have to ask, 'Have I passed?" When probed by Norton as to how Rosie's parents found the meeting, Radcliffe said, "We are still going out so I guess it was all OK". The British star also explained his decision to go public with his romance, saying, "'In the last year I've come to the conclusion that the easiest way to be is to have as little difference between how people perceive you and how you actually are.Otherwise, I come and do interviews like this and I feel like I am lying or have something to hide. I talked about Rosie because pictures came out and people asked, "Who's she" and I talked about the drinking thing because it came up and it felt better to be honest".
During a recent interview with the UK's Shortlist magazine, Radcliffe admitted his drinking was causing him damage, saying, "The drinking was unhealthy and damaging to my body and my social life. That's beyond question". The now teetotal actor admitted he would stay in his apartment for days and "drink alone", saying he would often black-out.