Daniel Radcliffe doesn't think he has a responsibility to be a role model.

The 'Harry Potter' actor - who has previously spoken about his struggles with alcohol - admits he gets ''annoyed'' when stars are criticised for their behaviour as he believes it is solely down to a parent to set a good example for their children.

He said: ''I always get annoyed when people judge actors over their choices in life, because you just go, 'You've got no right'. And if they say, 'Oh they should be a role model for my kids', you go, 'Why aren't you? Why can't you, as a parent, be a role model for your kids? That's actually your job.' So I do get annoyed by people slagging people off for not being upstanding enough. Everyone makes mistakes.''

The 24-year-old star admits he has some regrets about his conduct in the past, both personally and professionally, but is ''grateful'' not everything has been played out in public.

He told Attitude magazine: ''I'm not someone who a lot of people would see as having failed particularly, but I do. When I look at some films - the sixth 'Harry Potter' is one - I think I missed opportunities. Even on 'The Woman In Black' I saw moments I wasn't happy with.

''My mistakes were not allowed to go unnoticed, certainly. There were plenty of times during my teenage years where I screwed up, and thankfully most of it didn't come to the wider world but some of it did.

''All of those were really horrible and scary moments and they stick with you. It's definitely something that informs your choices and who you are as you grow up and how much you trust people.''