Daniel Radcliffe likes dating older women.

The 'Harry Potter' star bashfully admitted he has a ''track record'' of falling for more mature women when quizzed about his dating history on TV show 'Watch What Happens Live'.

When a caller rang up to ask what his 'type' of girl is, Daniel appeared tongue-tied, so host Andy Cohen playfully reminded him about his previous admission he lost his virginity aged 16 to an older lady.

The blushing actor replied: ''It would be hard for me to deny ... I have a track record with that.''

Daniel is currently dating actress Erin Darke, who is five years his senior, after meeting on the set of 'Kill Your Darlings'.

However, he refused to divulge anything about their relationship, specifying only that he is attracted to ''intelligent'' girls.

The in-demand actor also stopped by 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show', where he opened up about his crush on 28-year-old singer Katy Perry.

Recalling a mortifying moment where he felt too shy to approach the brunette beauty, Daniel joked: ''I thought I should go up and say hi and then I thought about what if she thinks you're some teenage fan boy so I couldn't. I said, 'I'm not going to try, it would be embarrassing.' ''

He added: ''She probably knows I have a crush on her. She's not here is she?''